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3.96¦Ãx2¦Ã­I´ºªO 3.96m x 2m Vinyl Backdrop
10§`x8§`°ª­I´ºªO 10ft x 8ft(H) Backdrop
11¦Ãx13§`°ª­I´ºªO 11m x 13ft Vinyl Backdrop
12§`x10§`°ª­I´ºªO 12ft x 10ft Vinyl Backdrop
14§`x8§`­I´ºªO 14ft x 8ft Vinyl Backdrop
16§`x4§`­I´ºªO 16ft x 4ft Vinyl Backdrop
16§`x8§`­I´ºªO³s®g¿O 16ft x 8ft Backdrop with lighting
20§`x12§`°ª­I´ºªO 20ft x 12ft Vinyl Backdrop
23§`x10§`­I´ºªO³s®g¿O 23ft x 10ft Vinyl Backdrop with lighting
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